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Green Source Junk Removal is the go-to local business for all your junk removal in Burleson needs.

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Need assistance with junk removal in Burleson, TX? Then Green Source Junk Removal is ready to swing by, collect all your unwanted clutter, and help you reclaim your space FAST!

When the kids want to spend the day at Pirates’ Cove, but you’re supposed to be cleaning out a hoard of junk, where’s the compromise? The answer is with us. We can remove your junk in Burleson much faster than you could alone, which means you’ll have time to entertain the children, too—or anything else, really! Do what you want with those hours you saved with us!

Green Source Expert With Green Shirt And Hat Smiling Next to Truck for eco friendly junk removal services

How Does Burleson Junk Removal Work?

Our junk removal process in Burleson is quick, simple, and straight to the point. We won’t waste your time—instead, we’ll get the work done fast and get out of your hair!

  • The first thing we’ll do is show up, right on time, in our junk removal truck. Our truck can carry much more than a standard pick-up, and it’ll be empty and ready to be filled up.
  • Next, let us take a look at all your unwanted clutter in Burleson. Then, accept our upfront quote, and we’ll start hauling that junk out the door. It won’t be long before it’s all loaded up in our truck.
  • We’ll be sure to look over your place to make sure we hauled away everything we were supposed to. Our crew will also sweep the floors as a little extra courtesy. Our pleasure!
  • Finally, it’ll be time for us to dispose of the junk. We are eco-friendly and do what we can to reduce landfill waste, which includes recycling and donating your belongings.
Removal Services by Green Source Junk Removal on the service truck

Why Us?

Why should you choose Green Source Junk Removal over the “other guys”? We’re so glad you asked.

  • Support your economy. Franchise-based junk removal companies take your money and send it out of the state. We keep our money here in our community’s local economy.
  • Save your money. Additionally, we can also provide better prices than the competition since we don’t have franchise fees to pay. Your wallet will be glad you chose us.
  • Courteous service. Our professional crew is always glad to serve a neighbor. We’re friendly, always on time, and always well-groomed so you get the best service possible.
  • Always fair pricing. Our pricing method is straightforward and honest. We don’t charge you hidden fees for Burleson junk removal services, and we always tell you what you owe us upfront.
A man gets on his phone to book junk removal services with Junk Bandits

Schedule Burleson Junk Removal

Are you ready to book your Burleson junk removal appointment? We can’t wait to hear from you.

  • Want to save $20 on your appointment? If so, contact us online. It’s as simple as filling out a short form and leaving us some details about the junk you need to get rid of.
  • Of course, for those of you that prefer making a phone call, we’re ready to talk to you. Simply dial 817-680-1023 to connect with a Green Source Junk Removal employee.


We’re serious about being eco-friendly. The word “green” in our name is more than just our favorite color… it’s a sign that we put the planet and our environment first. Did you know that we recycle or donate 70% of all the junk we collect? In other words, we seriously reduce the amount of clutter that winds up in the landfill. We’re proud to make a positive difference for the DFW Area!

You can feel good about choosing us, knowing we won’t just carelessly dump all your junk. Browse our many other junk removal services to see the many ways we can help you.



Call 817-680-1023 or email [email protected] for a free quote and a conversation with our junk hauling specialists.